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Family & Walk-in Clinic
Open 7 Days a Week

Dr. Yin Mon Thwe
Dr. H. Zamani
Migraine Therapy Offered
Botox Injections Offered

Calgary - East Hills
Family Medical Clinic

Dr. Faiza Upal
Dr. Andrew Provan
Migraine Therapy Offered
Botox Injections Offered
Walk-in Patients Welcome
Accepting New Patients

Calgary - Harvest Hills
Family & Walk-in Clinic

Dr. Moira Magerman
Dr. Nella Mabunda

Calgary Temple
Family & Walk-in Clinic

Dr. Memoona Butt
Laser Cosmetics Offered
Accepting New Patients!

Calgary Erinwood Plaza
Family & Walk-in Clinic

Dr. Aseel Hamad
Dr. Muhammad Aly

Calgary Deerfoot City
Family Physicians
Accepting New Patients

Dr. M. Toussi-Khatami
Dr. G. Bhanwath
Dr. A. Algundi
Cardiology Specialist
Eye Specialist
Internal Medicine, Renal Disease
Audiology, Hearing Assessments
Clinical Psychology
Permanent Make-Up Technician
Podiatry Services

Calgary - Bridlewood
Family & Walk-in Clinic

Oasis Professional Centres Family and Walk-in Clinics

Cancer Screening

We provide cancer screening services and testing  for our patients at their request or we can recommend screening when there is potential for a cancer to manifest. Your physician can employ many methods for screening cancer. We may direct you to provide samples (blood, urine, stool, biopsy, etc.) for laboratory testing. Diagnostic imaging can be helpful in determining the presence of cancer. Oasis Professional Centres can provide you with referrals to a specific specialty to help in the management of your health .

Cancer is more easily dealt with when it is diagnosed and caught early so treatment can begin immediately. We can provide you the information necessary for administering self-exams for some types of cancer. However, the best prevention is by living a healthy lifestyle to lower or eliminate any factors that may increase your risk. A thorough medical exam remains the cornerstone of realizing a better health. We invite you to book a consultation session with one of our doctors to discuss your medical concerns.


Sage Hill Oasis - Northwest Calgary
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Walden Oasis - South Calgary
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Bridegland Oasis - Calgary
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